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Empowering Educators to Succeed

Specializing in helping Global Majority Heritage educators navigate challenges and build resilience for professional growth and recognition.


Educational Coach


Julien’s Teacher Well-being service offers support for educators to manage stress, find balance, and prioritize self-care, fostering resilience.

  • Supportive workshops
  • Stress-management 
  • Promotes work-life balance


Julien’s Student Empowerment service helps students build confidence, resilience, and leadership skills, fostering independence and a growth mindset.

  • Confidence-building 
  • Goal-setting guidance
  • Encourages self-advocacy


Julien’s Public Speaking service enhances communication skills, confidence, and influence through effective presentation techniques and engaging delivery.

  • Presentation mastery workshops
  • Techniques for engaging audiences
  • Building confidence in speaking

Global Majority
I am passionate about helping Global Majority Heritage individuals break down barriers to achieve success within the education system.

Time to Invest Investing in educational coaching is investing in the well-being and success of your teachers—and, by extension, your students.

genuine connectionsI believe in building genuine connections and understanding your word. It’s about listening to you, sharing insight and working together towards your goals.

Gina Rosado

Lead for Deaf and Hearing Services – LB of Bromley

Working with Julien has been a revelation for our school. Not only have our teachers evolved professionally and personally, but they’ve also embraced a growth mindset. He played a pivotal role in building cultural awareness, resolving conflicts and in refining our school’s vision and values. His holistic approach to education truly is transformative. I wholeheartedly recommend Julien for his exceptional skills, guidance and dedication.

Funmi Kay

former coachee/mentee, Biochemist – Cambridge Mr Brunoir cares about the progress of his coachees/mentees not just academically but in all facets of life. Knowing this motivated me to excel in my PGCE. My conversations with Mr Brunoir contributed tremendously to shaping who I am still becoming as a professional and leader and I am forever grateful. Forever challenging me to evolve into the best version of myself..

Michaella Bailey

Assistant Head Teacher South-East London
Teaming up with Julien equipped me with a bank of knowledge and tools which allowed me to effectively communicate with others. Julien’s unique coaching experience encouraged me to accept who I was becoming. Every single one of my exchanges with Julien provided a stark reminder of the importance of holding onto my values as well as the techniques to deal with difficult situations.
I can’t recommend enough working with Julien to anyone who will benefit from a supportive and knowledgeable coach, as he will walk by your side on your transformational journey pebbling it with theoretical gems and practical steps.

Advocate for inclusive and empowering education.

Your identity and experiences as a Global Majority Heritage individual are not just understood but are the foundation of our work together.

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