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Hi, I’m Julien Brunoir, an educational coach specialising in empowering Global Majority Heritage individuals.

Each obstacle strengthened my determination

In 2008, I embarked on a transformative journey from Martinique to London

the beginning an incredible educational journey. While full of promise, this transition brought significant challenges – language barriers, cultural adjustments, and academic hurdles, including the daunting Maths skills test. Each obstacle strengthened my determination and deepened my commitment to my mission: to inspire and empower through education.

My first professional steps

My first professional steps

My first professional steps were taken in a secondary school in South-East London, a place many labelled “challenging”, teaching, and mentoring students and new teachers alike.

Despite financial hardships and a workload that often stretched beyond 40 hours a week, my dedication to teaching never wavered.

However, this relentless pace took a toll on my mental health and well-being, eventually leading to hospitalisation.

This period of intense stress and burnout became a turning point in my life. It was a stark reminder of the importance of mental health in education and the necessity of self-care for educators.

inspiring children to become confident

I’m also the proud dad of a 9-year-old ‘kidpreneur’ who is inspiring children to become confident, happy, and positive through her self-development journal. My journey in education and my experience as a parent fuel my passion for nurturing growth, resilience, and a positive mindset in both my professional work and personal life.

As I healed, my resolve only grew stronger

I advanced through various educational roles, from KS3 Curriculum Leader to Head of Department, transforming my faculty into a centre of excellence. My journey took another pivotal turn in 2021 when I embraced my calling as an educational coach.

Now, I specialise in empowering Global Majority Heritage individuals, using my experiences to help them navigate their careers and life challenges.

From overcoming language barriers to recovering from burnout and hospitalisation, my journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and the power of a positive mindset. I am here to guide and support you on your path to personal and professional excellence.

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